Admission Form

Admission Form

Selected Subject (Only for 9th and 10th Student)
Selected Subject (Only for 11th and 12th Science Student)


  1. The Student enrolled with OSF will have to work very hard as is instructed on a regular In case, if the teachers feel that the student is not working hard, creating indiscipline or using unfair means in the Institute, irregular in attendance, not responding responsibly, the teacher is empowered to act in the manner necessary to change the particular behavior of the student or expel him/her from the institute. The teacher’s decision will be binding to the student and parent.


  1. If any student absents himself/herself for more than 2 days, without any prior written application he/she will not be allowed to attend/join the classes and will not be given any test till the parents have met with the teacher in person and agreed upon the next steps as mentioned by the


  1. After depositing money towards registration and tuition, if a student decides for reason whatsoever to discontinue with OSF, the institute will not refund the money deposited towards registration and In rare cases, the institute might decide to refund part/whole of the deposited money at its own discretion. The decision taken by the institute will be binding.


  1. Incomplete registration form will not be accepted.


  1. Any change in address of residence, mobile, other contact details should be notified to the institute within 3


  1. Along with this registration form, it is mandatory to attach a photocopy of the result of 10th and 11th Std. as per the requirement


  1. If any student does not pay the fee on the due date as mentioned in this registration form or is the defaulter in the fee payment, he/she shall be stopped from attending the It is therefore, in the interest of the parents/students that they should deposit the fee on the due dates as mentioned in this registration form.


  1. If at any point of time, the Govt. Of India further increases or decreases taxes as applicable, the parents will be notified of the same and the extra amount shall be paid by the parents or returned to the parents


  1. It is compulsory to provide contact details of parent/guardian. The results of the tests will be sent to that number


  1. If any kind of mishap occurs at the premises of OSF because of the situations beyond control or any natural calamity of any type such as earthquake, floods, fire, short-circuit etc, OSF will not be responsible in any manner


  1. In case if any parent/guardian misbehaves with any staff member of the institute, his/her ward can be rusticated from the institute and no claim of refund of such student will be entertained. The decision of the institute will be final and binding on the student and parent/guardian.


  1. The institute is not responsible for the loss or theft of any devices belonging to the


  1. OSF reserves its right to make any alteration in its programs / venue / timing and days of classes without any prior notice to anybody. The decision of the Institute will be final and binding on the students and their